19 Dell 1905FP Dvi Lcd Monitor (black/silver) - Grade B

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19 1905FP Dvi Lcd Monitor

Dell Computers

Color: black/silver
Package Quantity: 1

Boost your current laptop or desktop with the 19 1905FP Dvi Lcd from Dell Computers. Among the many best characteristics for this monitor is the 19-inch tft lcd 0. 294 mm dot pitch display image contrast ratio: 800:1. It weighs something like 8 lbs. These monitors comes in black/silver. Best deal on 19 Dell 1905FP Dvi Lcd Monitor (black/silver) - Grade B .

See things greater while computing with this Dell 1905FP 19-inch TFT LCD monitor! By law, California shipments of this product are subject to an $16. Get yours today! Features such as a 0. Below are the acceptable amounts of"dot defects"for LCD displays that we sell: # 17-Inch to 19-Inch: # Total Defects: 8 # Bright or Dark Dots (random) : 4 # Bright or Dark Dots (2 adjacent) : 2 # Bright or Dark Dots (3 adjacent) : 0 # Minimum distance between defects: 15mm (bright to vivid dots) # Minimum distance between defects: 5mm (dark to dark dots) # Refurbished Monitor Grades: # Grade B - Monitor is in Fantastic Condition (many vendors would sell these as"A Grade ") , Has slight Cosmetic Blemishes, examples of that are (but not restricted to) : # Slight Scratches in case # Slight Scratches inside the screen # Hairline Crack in Case # Dead Pixel (3 or less) # Missing Control Door # Slight imperfections inside the AGAS (Anti-Glare, Anti-Static) Coating # and so on. This is frequent to all LCD displays utilised in products by all vendor and is not specific to any vendor or brand. 00 Electronic Waste Recycling Fee # Disclosures: # LCD displays may have cosmetic imperfections that appear as small bright or dark spots. 294 mm dot pitch, 800:1 contrast ratio, 4:3 aspect ratio, together with a 1280 x 1024 maximum resolution ensure a smooth picture.


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