Dell P170ST 17 Lcd Monitor

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P170ST 17 Lcd Monitor

Dell Computers

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Dell P170ST 17 Lcd Monitor is an efficient mod that will improve your Dell PC usefulness. A summary of features are contrast ratio of 800:1 and resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. Look over a variety of brandnames if you don't have one particularly that you simply desire. This will allow you to obtain an incredible Dell monitor which you will want! While using the internet just a few clicks away you're able to do as little or as much research on the items you want to purchase. To find the best offer on this Dell monitor along with other Dell monitors, click on our partners via the add to cart button below.

This Dell LCD monitor utilizes active-matrix screen that displays brilliant good quality pictures and text. Quick 12ms response time of this Dell 17-inch monitor delivers excellent images in fast motion applications without ghosting or blurring. The adjustable screen of this Dell LCD monitor lets you swivel and tilt it according to your viewing requirements. The anti-glare with challenging coating 3H function of this Dell 17-inch monitor allows clear viewing even under vibrant lighting conditions. Contrast ratio of 400:1 provided by the Dell p170st generates sharp and crisp lines and pictures.


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